RCGC, Inc.

RCGC, Inc. began as a solution.

At the turn of a decade, from the 1980s to the 1990s, companies with no technical expertise relied on old-fashioned publishing methods that today, seem almost impossible to imagine. Christine and Rick Logsdon made their business better—cheaper, faster, more efficient. Christine provided words and graphic design layout, while Rick drew computer-assisted (CAD) designs and free-hand drawings, both artistic and technical. We built a great team of contractors and vendors, bridging the gap between old-style publishing and the modern processes of today. Our products included traditional marketing collateral from brochures to ads and logos, but also unusual work like training manuals for parachute riggers, and technical design specs for reflow soldering machines and and processes for engineers.

Our expertise expanded with our clients’ needs. We designed protocols to help our clients establish in-house graphic design departments. We scoped, purchased, installed, and maintained computer equipment—the first steps toward IT for small- and mid-sized businesses of that day.

Our core clients were in real estate or manufacturing, and with the increases in computing power, we built new, vastly improved databases. Information management was imperative for cost efficiency; we listened, observed, and designed database solutions to improve both productivity and quality control.

Today, we maintain specialties in IT, software support and database design, project management support, and environmental product deliverables. Our client base has expanded into areas we never imagined, and our clients’ fields include energy and the environment, finance, space exploration, medicine, and—still—commercial real estate.

Our skills come from university education and military service, but much more from decades working alongside our clients to help solve their problems, streamline their work efforts, and commit ourselves to their deadlines and business goals. We believe that "our business is making your business better."

We are very proud that many of our earliest clients remain our clients today.


Christine began as an independent contractor in 1987, while attending UCSB. She graduated in 1991 with a BA in English and Writing, and a customer list that included top commercial real estate brokers in Santa Barbara and surrounding cities. With her husband, Rick, she continued RC Graphics & Consulting, providing graphic design services, CAD drawings, and a range of marketing collateral. Their business expanded with their clients’ needs to include computer training, small-office technical services, and computer systems support (IT). In 2005, RCGC, Inc. incorporated, and now serves doctors, non-profits, Fortune-500 companies, confidential clients, and environmental consultants. Christine’s primary work today includes business management, project management support, and technical writing/ technical editing.

Christine's strengths include:

  • objective and logical, results-oriented problem solving
  • over 25 years of experience in business management, project management support, and other organizational services
  • scientific technical editing, academic editing, fiction editing
  • technical and non-technical writing
  • experience with myriad environmental and engineering projects


Rick received his first computer training in the U.S. Air Force, where he served with distinction and left with the rank of staff sergeant and Top Secret security clearance. After military service, he worked first for defense contractors and then in telecommunications before returning to college to study engineering. Ultimately, his passion for computers and art found him working with his wife, Christine, in the company she started while they were in school. While she provided the graphic design, Rick generated the photographs, CAD, and early computer support. Today, Rick builds databases, continues to provide IT support for some of our earliest clients, and remains a partner in RCGC, Inc.

Art, photography, graphic art and computers have always been interests of his. 

Rick was born in Japan and moved to San Francisco at age 7. He has lived in seven states and three countries.

Rick's strengths include:

  • his love and understanding of computers and technology
  • decades of artistic expression
  • decades of experience on computers from mainframes to PCs to Macs
  • speed, skill, and excellence in Illustrator, Photoshop, and other 2-D imaging software
  • great climbing strength for long road bike rides
  • the desire to surpass client expectations
  • a genuine hatred of having too much attention called to himself


Jennifer graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut with a degree in Math and Computer Science. After working in Washington, D.C. for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, she returned to California where she grew up and worked first for a defense contractor, then for UCSB, before joining RC Graphics & Consulting in 1998. Her personal mission is to create order from chaos, and she brings that mission to her work with exacting focus on detail and dedication to client projects. Jennifer became a junior partner when RCGC, Inc. incorporated, and her specialties include custom database design, document and library management, and environmental project support. She has lived in Santa Barbara since 1991.

Jennifer's strengths include:

  • her ability to understand and interpret the client's styles, problems and needs
  • over 25 years of experience on many computer platforms
  • solutions in Excel and Filemaker Pro
  • scientific technical editing