RCGC, Inc. 

RCGC (short for RC Graphics & Consulting), Inc. is a Santa Barbara-based computer, editing, and business services firm.

Our company's partners have developed an impressive skills set over the years, and we offer a broad range of services and support for your company. We can: establish new business offices--from technology, to equipment, to support staff with the proper technical skills and temperament to suit your company's needs; coordinate the production of technical documents from project inception to delivery of work product; write or collect copy for technical documents, handbooks, books, and many types of marketing materials; and create graphic materials and company databases to support your business and document needs.

We can provide you and your company the technical services you need.


Computer Systems and
Network Infrastructure
We assess your company’s needs and help you choose the best-sized systems to meet them, now and for the future. We consider both hardware and software licenses and maintenance, IT support, and secure backup systems
Web Presence
Sales especially depends not only on a strong web site presence, but on access to marketing and sales materials on-the-fly, from any location. We design secure custom databases, accessible in-office and via mobile devices to help salespeople serve clients in any environment.
Office Management
Our decades of experience with small- to mid-sized offices helps us see ways to make your business more efficient, eliminate wasteful service contracts, and let you run a leaner, more cost-effective company whose support you trust and rely on.


With over 25 combined years working with environmental consultants, we help projects run more efficiently, and increase the quality of your products.

Experienced on all types
of environmental documents
EIRs, EISs, NDs, FONSIs, ESAs, AFS, RAs, feasibility studies, remedial action plans, JDs, discipline-specific surveys and all technical reporting of remediation projects.
Broad range of skills
to serve every project manager
Our experience includes project management support; technical writing and technical editing; documentation of processes; review meetings with clients and the public; scheduling and budgeting support. We have come in at the end of a long-term project to help ensure on-time delivery. We have started with a project’s kick-off meeting and worked through its completion.




RC Graphics & Consulting, Inc. has supported clients in Santa Barbara County for over 25 years

Christine Logsdon
Christine began as an independent contractor in 1987, while attending UCSB. She graduated in 1991 with a BA in English and Writing, and a customer list that included top commercial real estate brokers in Santa Barbara and surrounding cities.
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Jennifer Holland
Jennifer graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut with a degree in Math and Computer Science. After working in Washington, D.C. for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, she returned to California where she grew up...
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Richard Logsdon
Rick received his first computer training in the U.S. Air Force, where he served with distinction and left with the rank of staff sergeant and Top Secret security clearance. After military service, he worked first for defense contractors and then in telecommunications...
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RCGC, Inc. has supported clients across the United States for over 25 years. What began as a husband-and-wife service business transformed into a corporation that serves the real estate, medical, financial, and environmental fields. We provide project management and technical support, small- and medium-office IT, custom database design and maintenance, technical writing and editing, and a range of associated services. Contact us to discuss how we can help you make your business better, your deadlines attainable, and your projects more successful.

We are very proud that many of our first clients remain our clients today.

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